Signature not showing in the report card

Hi @admin the signature on the report card is not showing. But it is a bit strange because only 1 student that has this error but for the rest there is no issue.

There was no changes made on the settings but this error occurs.

Please advise how to fix the issue.

Thank you so much!

@ross are you able to look into this? Thanks!

Hi Chellie,

I took a look at your reports and figured out the issue. Looks like the student’s report was exactly two pages, and somehow this was causing it to not add the final footer. I’ve adjusted the height of the page footer from 10mm to 14mm, and this has caused the attendance to wrap over to the next page, which then triggers the last page footer to properly render. If it happens again, tweaking the page footer a couple mm in either direction can help ensure the page wrapping happens correctly. HTML to PDF conversion can be a little finicky this way :grimace:

Thank you so much, Sandra! :blush: