Showing calendar for different roll groups

I am trying to get visual the programs/calander for the rollgroups. I have 3 roll groups with each their own program. however I cannot see them in dashboard or otherwise as I only see one roll group. how to fix this?

Hi Chelda, are you able to share a screenshot to help show what you’re seeing and what you would expect to see? By calendar, do you mean the timetable for a student? If you’ve created a new timetable, be sure the student is enrolled in that roll group, and also that the timetable has been setup and tied to specific calendar dates using Timetable Admin > Tie Dates to Days. Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra, What I mean is that some teachers are in different rollgroups , however it shows only one calendar. As for me as admin, headmaster I would like to see the rollgroup calendars and programs in my dashboard

My apologies, I’m still not quite sure what you mean by calendar in the context of roll groups. Perhaps do you mean the Google integration that enables displaying the school calendar on the timetable?

I am sorry, let me try to explain. I have set dates in the program, but in the dasboard I want to see the program (smartblock text) i cant see it. as we want parents to see the schedule as we set in smartblocks. see screenshots