Short name casing issues

i changed max length setting for timetable short name so i am bale to enter more character but when i save it it only till 4 charcter what do i now

Hi @talha The max length is set both in the interface and the database, so in theory you’d need to update both locations to change the max length of a field. Keep in mind that the timetable short names are set specifically so there’s enough room to display all the information on the timetable. The short names for classes should usually be very short, like 1 2 3 or A B C, and the course short name can be longer, up to 12 characters. For example, a math course called Gr6Math could have 3 classes, named 1, 2 and 3, so that in the timetable the course and class name would show up as Gr6Math.1, Gr6Math.2 and Gr6Math.3