shared host not updating max_input_vars and max_file_uploads

Good day. “System Admin” > “System Check” still shows the old values of max_input_vars and max_file_uploads even after adding these two lines at the bottom of .htaccess file on Gibbon’s directory:

php_value max_input_vars 5000
php_value max_file_uploads 80

I also cleared the cache under “System Admin” > “Cache Manager” but there’s no change.

We were successful in running Gibbon on a local Linux machine, and we are starting to test it on a shared host.

Please let me know what information to provide, thanks in advance.

Hi Richard,

Many shared hosts have not enabled the setting for htaccess files to work, or if they do, there are lots of restrictions in what they can do. Depending on the shared host, they often have a web-based dashboard or control panel where these PHP configuration values can be set, perhaps check this out, or see if there is a way to enable the htaccess directive (check that there aren’t any syntax errors, as this can prevent these from working as well).

Thank you @ross :slight_smile: We will check if max_input_vars and max_file_uploads can be changed in cpanel

In my system they can using cPanel

Thanks, the web host tech support pointed us to the cpanel to change max_input_vars, and helped us to add “ini_set(‘max_file_uploads’, ‘80’);” to the bottom of Gibbon’s config.php

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