Setup proccdure

Hi all

I would like to develop a complete and details setup procedurefor the gibbon community.

However I am very inexparenced with gibbon education software.

I think this procedure would be benafisial for all the gibbon community .

So what I’m looking for is all and any input regarding your steps for setting up the system.

In a numbered step system what did you do on step 1 , step 2, step n…

If it can be put in this format I’m sure a successful setup procedure can be developed that will help more schools to use the gibbon software .

As many intimate details will be fantastic, however even simple steps would also be helpful

Thank you all for your help in advance


Hi Martin,

The resource @meierrom has shared is a good start, but please let us know, as you gain experience, if you want to add anything to it.



Hi Martin,

Documentation is something we’re always in need of, and very appreciative of any help to update and add to them. :smiley: If you’re familiar with GitHub, the documentation site is open source, and can receive pull requests to update or add markdown-formatted documents. Feel free to give a shout with questions along the way, we’re happy to help fill in any missing details.