Setup Error

Can anyone help me with solution to this error. I am installing gibbon on a domain and have encountered this below

The directory containing the Gibbon files is not currently writable, or config.php already exists in the root folder and is not empty or is not writable, so the installer cannot proceed.

Need help urgently please.

The message is pretty much self explanatory. Anyway, if you don’t mind sharing your server credentials, then I could have a closer look. :slight_smile:

I actually give full permission to the folder which is the domain where I am installing the Gibbon but the error still comes up. Give me your email I can give u access. Thanks

Check my profile where I have activated email publishing temporarily.


Having shell access is a basic requirement for any admin in charge of setting up Gibbon or being in charge of server maintenance. It is a good rule to stay away from any internet service provider not offering it.

It appears that you are not given shell access. I suggest contacting them and discuss the possibility of adding it.

Gibbon also offers a number of CLI scripts where shell access is required for basic setup and testing.