Settings up SCOPES and CRITERIA

Hi there, newbie here. I am in the process of setting up Middle School report cards for term 3, can you please guide me how to proceed?

In adding the CRITERIA, should I add the courses one by one? If I “Add Multiple” what should I put for the Name. Type and Target?

Hope you can help me on this.

Thank for you help in advance.

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You could use the “Data Admin” or the “System Admin (Import from file)” module to import everything via an excel sheet.

Hi @flygye12 thanks for the response. I am referring to the below screenshot:

Can you share screenshot of what you want your final report card to look like?

Hi, in adding the courses and setting up the criterias, I just don’t know whether to put them in bulk or one by one and what details should i put for the Name, Type and Target.

Hi Chellie, welcome to the forums :smiley:

Since you’re setting up Term 3, the quickest way to setup the term is to use the Duplicate option in Manage Reporting Cycles to copy Term 2. This will ensure all the criteria are setup the same way as the last term. You can view the criteria for past terms (in Manage Reporting Cycles) and see what the scopes and criteria look like, to get a sense of how they’re setup.

When setting up terms from scratch, the Name refers to the name of the criteria that teachers enter (eg: Term Grade, Final Grade, Student Comment, etc). The Type refers to the type of data used with that criteria (eg: a grade scale, comment field, yes/no dropdown). The Target is who the data is recorded for. Most criteria is Per Student, which means a teacher fills in data on each criteria for each student. Sometimes there are Per Group criteria, which is recorded once for a whole group of students, such as a Class Note which is written once for the whole class.

Generally, you’d want to use Add Multiple to bulk-add for any courses that share the same criteria, because this groups the criteria together so you can edit or delete it all later as a group (which can save some time in the future).

Hope this helps! I got your email too, but I figured answering here would also help out future people with the same question :slight_smile:

Hi @ross Thank you so much! This helps me to understand procedure in setting up the report. Just one more question, how to change the Criteria from inactive to “Active”?

I also tried to set up the “Manage Access” but I am getting an error message "Your request failed because your inputs were invalid.

No problem. The inactive/active indicator shows whether the criteria already has data saved to it, so it will automatically become active once the teachers start writing their reports. Criteria that are inactive and haven’t been used yet can still be edited and deleted, once the criteria is active and in use it can no longer be changed, to prevent losing reporting data.

Be sure to select a role and at least one scope for your access levels. I forgot to make scopes required for v19, they’re now required in v20 : )

Hi Sandra, it worked! Thanks! Regarding the ELL course, on the Term 2 settings the “Course Description” is inactive. Will it stay this way?

Hi @ross please ignore my last question, I checked the term 2 report card for ELL and there was no course description written only the indicators.

I am done setting up the Term 3 report card, hope I done it all correctly :blush:

Again, thank you so much for the help and also to @flygye12. Keep safe!

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Hmm, it may be that the ELL teachers don’t normally write a course description so they intentionally didn’t fill it out, or perhaps they just missed writing one this past report.

Dear Sandra
First of all, thanks for the wonderful work you have all been doing.
Is it safe to remove locked report criteria from the database for reports that have already been written? What will happen to report generation if they are removed? Will it break the system?
We erroneously included comments and a scale grade for a given subject and now need to remove it from the report.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi pllabreu, good question. It’s only safe if there isn’t any valuable data attached to those criteria (and you can be 100% sure that teachers haven’t saved their actual comments into those criteria). The reason they are locked in the interface is that deleting them when there is data attached will orphan any associated, making them generally irretrievable. It won’t “break the system” but it will remove those criteria and their data.

Be sure to have a backup. Otherwise, sounds like if they’re erroneous, then you should be good to proceed with removing them from the database.