Setting up weekly teaching schedule of classes

Could you please tell me where I could begin setting up the teaching timetable for our various teachers (e.g. which classes on which days and at which times)? Will there be extra complications taking into account that we are on a weekly block schedule where schedules for Block A for a given teacher are not the same as in Block B? Thanks.

Although basic, I’d suggest you check out this guide to help you get started:

Have a read, and then post any questions that come up on this thread so that we can give you a hand.


Good. Very useful. Here are screen shots of where I’ve gotten so far. I’ve also sent a screen shot of our actual timetable for Year 8 just for clarity sake.

What I’ve done is only for Year 8, Block A (M-F), Block B (M-F). What I can’t figure out now is how to append class to, say,

-Block A: ART-0800 Period 2 Tue, Period 7 Wed, and Period 2 Thu
-Block B: ART-0800 Period 4 Tue, Period 1 Thu

Great progress : ) Under Edit Timetable Days, head down to the Edit Classes By Period section. Click on the edit icon for the period you want to insert a class, and then use the add icon to create it. There is an import function as well, which you can see as an icon in the Manage Timetables table: