Setting up Lockdown in Gibbon

Hi there. If anyone can guide me how to set up lockdown in Gibbon.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @Chellie

By Setting up Lockdown, are you referring to Maintenance Mode (where only users with the Administrator role can login? Enabling this will logout all other users).

Go to
Admin > System Admin > Active Sessions

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Alternatively, the Lockdown tool can be accessed my admin from System Admin > Sound Alarm, and you can choose Lockdown as a type of alarm. This will cause a pop-up alert for all logged in staff members, and will give staff the option to check in that they are safe. The lockdown can be turned off by updating the Alarm setting and changing it to None. I recommend testing it on a sandbox installation, or on a quiet non-school day when staff know in advance it’s just a test.

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Thank you so much @tiekubd and @sandra! This is so helpful.