Setting up Invoicees


I’ve set up a new installation of Gibbon and I’m trying to get the online payments going, however, am unable to add any invoicee record. I’ve set up the payment gateways via my PayPal information, imported names of parents and students, created the families, enabled the online payments option. Anything I’m missing? How do I add a record?

Hello, if you go to Other > Finance > Manage Invoicees, there is a script that ensures that every current student has a current invoicee record. Once this is done, then you can create invoices to those invoicees. Cheers, Ross.

How do I create an invoicee record? I cannot find any option to do so.

The page mentioned above checks the current student roll, compares it to the current invoicees, and automatically creates the required records. You can see the result of this in the green confirmation box:

If you don’t see the confirmation box, then your invoicee records are already in place.


Maybe something is wrong on my end? No records show up.

I have users setup though.

Any advice?

Did you click the add icon and added invoices?

Even if you haven’t set up fees you can play around with ad hoc data.

The problem is there are no invoicees, and I can’t get any set up either. If I go to add invoices directly, it asks to add invoicees.

Notice that we are talking about two different things, with very similar names Invoices and Invoicees. You need to sort out your Invoicees (e.g. people who can receive an inovice), as described above, before you move onto your Invoices. Hope this helps!

That’s the problem I’m having. It doesn’t generate any invoicee records, as posted in the pic a few posts above.

The image you shared, unless I am mistaken, is of Manage Invoices, not Manage Invoicees.

Go to my reply to your original post. It’s my third post.

My mistake. I posted the wrong pic up there.

Ah, that make sense. Have you enroled your students, under People > Students > Student Enrolment? If they are not enroled, then they would not be visible in this part of the system.

Thank you very much, sir. It’s all good to go. Amazing support system you guys have here.

You are most welcome. Happy to help you get it sorted : )