Setting up attendance for double lessons


All our lessons are doubles in the science department (e.g. 7A Physics blocks 1 & 2 on Monday) - is it possible to “link the two blocks” so that Gibbon takes attendance for both periods of the double simultaneously? Or will we have to record attendance data twice every lesson? I couldn’t find info about this in the forums or documentation.

Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Hi Dorian,

At the moment this is not possible I am afraid. Making this change would also not be trivial, as it involves a number of different modules, and some core logic.

Sorry! Perhaps one day this is something we could look into, but we really have our hands full at the moment.



Hi Ross,

Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if a workaround could be implemented in a future version e.g. add a button at the bottom of the register (next to the “submit” button?) - something along the lines of “copy this attendance data to another block”…?

No worries if this is not possible - happy to double enter the data for now :smile:



Dorian, this is a good suggestion, and something we can look at down the road. Our hands are really full now with all of the refactoring work we have going on in v17 (continuing work start in v15), but hopefully capacity will open up down the line. Thanks!

Dorian, nosotros manejamos dos bloques diferente y lo estamos haciendo por periodo con eso se evita el problema de cargar dos veces,
periodo 1 de 2.30 a 4.30 y a traves de planeador puedes organizar los temas 1 y 2 no se si esta sugerencia sea valida.