Setting School Year for Admission Form

I have my application form ready. Obviously we’re in the 23/24 school year right now, but we’re opening applications up for the 24/25 year. When I go into the app form, it only shows 23/24. (I think I had this issue last year…but I’ve slept since then :wink: )

In reality, I’d be happy if it wasn’t a drop down and ONLY allowed 24/25…but I tried entering a default and it still shows the drop down and the 23/24 option.

Thanks in advance

In order to make it “work”, I hid the field, and then set the default value to the row entry in the database. I know there is a better way, so “help” :wink:


Hi @JasonLord In the settings for your form, there should be an option to specify which school years the form applies to, enabling you to limit it to specific years. This should be under the Student Enrolment section when configuring the form:

Sorry - apparently my user is not set to email responses - I’ll fix that.

I have the current and next year selected. It still didn’t resolve it.

Are you able to share a screenshot of the Anticipated Year of Entry field from your live application form? It should match the options you’ve selected for Available Years of Entry from your Edit Application page :thinking:

It’s actually hidden at this point with a default code=the ID of the above value. This is how I “made it work” but the drop down wasn’t working. I seem to be having issues this year. I may try to rebuild the system for next year and really dig into it.