Sequence Numbers???

I´m exploring Schools Years, Terms, Days, Groups, etc, can you clarify my mind about sequence numbers? and why a term or year group needs a sequence number?, also I already have some terms created (by default I suppose), can I change those sequence numbers starting on 1,2,3… etc?


Sometimes we can order information correctly, as a string, due to it’s nature. For example, the following year groups order fine when drawn out of a database:

  • Y7
  • Y8
  • Y9

But, add in:

  • Y10
  • Y11

    And the ordering goes wrong, with Y10 coming up first. To make Gibbon more robust, and not forcing people to name things like Y7 as Y07, sequenceNumber is used to arrange items that go in order, such as school years, year groups, etc. So Y7 has sequenceNumber 1, Y8 is 2, etc.

    Hope this makes sense…it is all about computer science and how data is stored and used.


  • Good point!!!
    Now, I deleted some school years (2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015), I only have 2 (2015-2016 and 2016-2017). I believe there is no problem if I delete 2015-2016?, because we are not gonna use it. So the only one I need right now is 2016-2017, can I change its sequence number to 1, just to be sure !!!

    Correct, this is all OK. I would never delete school years once they are in use, but this is just demo data in a sense.

    Good, thanks