Sequence Number column in the DataStructure-formGroups.xlsx import file

Can we introduce a Sequence Number column into the DataStructure-formGroups.xlsx import file? I am having to put numbers in front of the form group names in order to order them the way I want. I do not want them ordered alphabetically.



Or drag and drop re-ordering like with the Year Groups.

Hi Tieku, this is a little more tricky than just adding it to the importer, as we need to add the field to the database and interface. It is something that @ross and I have been discussed for v24, so let’s check in with her.

Hi Sandra, did this end up on your todo list after we last discussed it? If not, let me know and I can take a look into it.



@admin Yep, it’s on the list for v24.

Yes I did realize there were a number of other things that would have to happen before seeing an additional column in the import file. Many thanks.