Sending bulk emails


I have a my gibbon installation hosted locally on a wamp server, we have a total of about 500students in out school.
I use Sendgrid SMTP to send external mails, however when i try to send news letter to all parent (approximately 700 emails). the application freezes and after several moment it shows an error page, checking Sendgrid dashboard i notice less than 100 mails have been sent.
If i send the emails by Year Group it delivers quite alright…
Not sure if this is a problem with my local server or not.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi, Am sorry to hear you have experienced that, could you try to find out how many emails Sendgrid allows to send say per hour? Could you provide a screenshot of the error message you get?

Hello aadumkoko, and welcome to the community. As James mentions, a screenshot of the error message you see on Gibbon would be really useful. Most of my experience sending from Gibbon is using the local MTA built into the server, but I know @ross, who build the external SMTP sending feature you are using, as used it without issues. Thanks, Ross.

@aadumkoko Normaly on my side I use either office365 or GSuite SMTP for sending out Bulk emails. You’ll find most hosts have restricted using external SMTP forcing you to use there’s although at most times they don’t send out so much emails. When you send the screenshot or log files we’ll be able to know what is generating the errors and help you fix that.

Hello jmsperu and admin,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I have a paid subscription on Sendgrid and there is no limit to the number of emails sent per hour. (i am trying to send about 800 emails in total per news letter)
Also there is not an error message per se the application basically stops responding and I get a 404 error page after a while.
When i send per year group (about 150mails) it runs completely with no error.

Please Advice

Aadum, have you checked the PHP error log? Perhaps your script is timing out? Although 404 sounds likes you ate being forwarded to a broken page… Can you share the link of the 404 with us? Also, have you contacted SendGrid support? Thanks! Ross.