Send all Users Their Login Details

Hi. We have entered al the details for the students and parents as we were preparing gibbons for this new year and therefore we chose not to send the credentials to everyone as it would make them confused since we had an old school diary available. Now we are ready to launch it but i can not find where i can send all the details to user to start to log in.

Is there a way where i can push an email to all users with there details?


This is on my wish list as well. Currently there is no way to do this, AFAIK.

I’m thinking of sending a bulk email out to all users using Other> Messenger and inform them to reset their access credentials to get access to Gibbon.

This should work just fine, I guess.

Roman is correct: this would be a nice feature, but it does not exist, however, the password reset would work.

As we use the student application form, we opt to share account details with parents when students are accepted, which is is another option.