Sample data (courses, timetables etc) comes with installation not accessible because of school year

Hi Gibbon Team

During installation, we decided to populate the system with sample data, in order for management and teachers to know the system faster and better. However, I am not sure if I did something wrong or it is the way suppose to be, all courses timetable etc are not showing because the school year is already finished. I can access all the student, teacher user accounts, however, won’t be able to run any meaningful report because there is no data, nor to log in as a student as check my study plan, timetable etc.


If it’s just for testing, then maybe the easiest is to extend the school year. The following 3 steps will do that for you:

  1. Change “Last Day” of current school year to something in the future
    Admin> School Admin> Manage School Years

  2. Change “Last Day” of current term to the same date set above
    Admin> School Admin> Manage Terms

  3. Assign timetable days to the new dates you have added above
    Admin> Timetable Admin> Tie Days to Dates

If you do this correctly then you, your staff and students should have access to all data again and things should work just fine.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Meierrom

First of all, sorry for late reply. was working on other projects.
I tried following your instructions, changed some settings, but not yet able to get it works, not sure what mistakes I made. Since then I was working on something else, thinking of get back to this later. It turns out that Gibbon looks quite promising so we jumped directly into setting up a Production platform, feeding it with real data, in other words, not necessary to use sample data.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.


You’re welcome and good luck. :slight_smile: