Same Columns names in Markbooks for the entire school

Is it possible to create columns for all section markbooks for the entire school?, teachers dont want to be creating columns for each activities, they say this is time consuming, we are trying to replace the current system, where teachers just enter grades and the system automatically make calculations, obviously the administrator had been set weightings and calculations before they are available for teachers.
I think this can be done by using Admin > Data Admin, under Markbook I should use the Markbook Columns option, but I dont have the list of “Course” names and “Course Class” names in an excel file, however they are efectivilly created, visible and working. How do i get the course and course class lists in an excel file?
Or, is there another way to add all columns for all sections for the entire school?. My point is to avoid creating the same columns with the same names for markboks one by one, they are going to have the same names (e.g. Exam P1, Exam P2, etc) for all subjects, and the same weighting.
Thanks Ross or Sandra

Adolfo, if you add the Markbook role Edit Markbook_multipleClassesAcrossSchool to a role in Manage Permissions, this will give you the ability to add multiple columns in the Markbook, which means that you can create columns in every class in school: