Same column name? in markbook error

I am able to create a new markbook column for Term 2 with the same name, description, and type as a column in Term 1 for a class. (Add column - I chose Term 2 from the dropdown and a date in Term 2). But when I want to do the same thing importing the Markbook Columns file I get:
2 gibbonMarkbookColumnID (0000000756) A duplicate entry already exists for this record. Record skipped.
for all the rows. I want to maintain the same column name for each term, for a given class. How do I solve this?
@ross @sandra

Hmm, that’s interesting that the interface doesn’t check for unique names. One way to fix this for your import is to go into resources/imports/markbookColumns.yml and remove the ‘name’ check from the unique keys, lines 11-12. The updated lines would look like:

    - [ gibbonCourseClassID ]

- [ gibbonCourseClassID ]

I was getting:
Row Field Message
2 gibbonMarkbookColumnID (-1) Non-unique values used by gibbonMarkbookColumnID: 0000000757, 0000000758, 0000000759, 0000000760

7 gibbonMarkbookColumnID (-1) Non-unique values used by gibbonMarkbookColumnID: 0000000787, 0000000788, 0000000789, 0000000790

So I changed it to:
- [ ]

in order for the import to work.

Aha yes, right, because they were grouped in a set it was checking both things together. Glad to hear the tweak you made worked.