I have created a rubric but when I move to the markbook I cannot find the rubric as an option in school or learning area. What link am I missing?

Hmmm, interesting. Is the rubric set to Active? Is it a school-wide rubric, or is it a learning area rubric?

Active. Learning Area. I am unable to see it when I select rubric option (I see the headings for school and learning area).

Also, how can you add criteria to the rubrics? I can add information into the row headers but not into the body of the rubric.

Forget this last one palm hits face twice

Is the class in question in the department in question? Only rubrics for that department show up (to stop the interface getting too crowded).

Yes it is.


In which case I am going to need a copy of your database, to try and get to the bottom of this. Can you go into phpmyadmin, export the database, and then email it to



Still unable to see rubrics in the markbook. Will send you database.

School wide is working. Learning areas are not.

Only for same courses.


OK, found the error, which effects courses tied to multiple year groups. We will fix it in the v13 branch so it is dealt with going forward. For your school, on v12, please extract and upload the files in the attached file to /modules/Markbook, and it should do the trick.



Seems to have done the trick. Many thanks.