I have created a new rubric. How do I now use it for individual students?

Adam, when you create a Markbook column, you can select a rubric for Attainment and/or a rubric for Effort. You can then mark classes of students against the rubric. If you don’t like the labels attainment and effort, these can be change in Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings.

Thanks. Unable to create a markbook. No Add icon.

Have you set up any courses and classes?

Of course. Difference between the two?

Courses are containers for classes. So, you might have Year 10 Science (SC10), with three classes (1, 2 and 3), which then can be referred to as SC10.1, etc. Units are tied to courses, and can then be used within classes for planning.

Ok. Thanks. I have worked it out now.