Rubrics are already created and active too but in markbook I cannot find the rubric as an option in school or learning area since last two days. Some rubrics are already attached with markbook columns in which I can enter the data but I cannot change the rubric.

Kindly guide me.

Hi Vishlar, rubrics with the Learning area scope are associated with a particular department, and so won’t appear in Markbook columns for courses not attached to that same department. Is there any chance that your rubric falls into this category? Rubrics with the school scope overcome this limitation, as they can be used in any course. The two different scopes are useful in different contexts.

You mention “2 days ago”: have you run any Gibbon or server OS updates in that time? Are you seeing any issues in your logs?


Dear @admin

Error Resolved, there is problem due from backend I have changed order no in course table. after reset with old table working is fine.