rotating cycle/schedule timetable

My school uses a rotating cycle/schedule timetable. The school uses a sequence of 6 days instead of days of the week. So Monday - day 1, Tuesday - day 2, Wednesday - day 3, Thursday - day 4, Friday - day 5, Monday - day 6, Tuesday - day 1, and so on. All day 1s are the same Periods and subjects, All day 2s are the same Periods and subjects, and so on.
How do I set that up in opensis 6.1 community edition?

I meant gibbon.

Easy mistake to make : )

In Gibbon you first set up timetable day structures, called columns: these outline the timing of a day, but can be reused multiple times. Once you have set up your columns, you can create a timetable, and give it a certain number of days (in your case, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc), each of which is linked to a column to give it structure. You then assign classes to the various parts of each day. The final step is to tie the days to dates, which is how you accomplish having Day 1 sometimes tied to a Monday, and sometimes to a Tuesday, etc.

All of this can be done under Admin > Timetable Admin.

Hope this helps.


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Do you have plans of implementing a student transcript module?

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