Rollover questions

2017-2018 academic year is almost starting in our school.
So I need to students, classess, teachers to move one year up. I read instructions and posts here, but I still have doubts.
These are the years I have at: Home > School Admin > Manage School Year

Once I go to Home > User Admin > Rollover, it appears everything is going to be moved to 2017-2018:

But in step 2 why Gibbon is asking for a new Year School name, and also sequence number =3 (I already have number 2), I already created it:

I also tried by deleting the 2017-2018, just to see if the problem was the second year already created, if I start again the rollover process Gibbon displays a message saying there is no a second year !!!
So what should i do?

Hi Adolfo,

The system is setup to have a current year (2016-2017) and an upcoming year (2017-2018). When you rollover, then 2017-2018 will become your current year, so it’s asking you to create a new upcoming year: 2018-2019.

:smiley: , thanks Sandra, I understand now.
One more question, if 2017-2018 is the current year, is 2016-2017 going to be unusable, restricted or blocked?
And what about students in 12th grade (last year here) if I choose “Left” in teh “New Status” box in the rollover 2nd step?, or where are they going to be placed in case I choose “Full” ?

Adolfo, the data for past years remains in the system, but is only shown to some users in some interfaces. You can, by choosing Options in the login form, log in to previous and future years…and this can be restricted by roll in Manage Roles in User Admin. Ross.

Once you perform the rollover 2016-2017 will become a Past year: only certain Roles can login to Past years, depending on how they’re setup under Manage Roles in User Admin. I believe it will also effectively end the current school year, so should only be run after the year is over (correct me if I’m wrong Ross, this is our first year running a rollover too).

At the very bottom of the rollover process is the section for your grade 12 students. They’ll be set to Left, but all their student data will still be in the system for historical records. Otherwise, I believe if you select a different status they’ll be enrolled in the next year.

So, advise me please.
I need to be sure if I make the rollover process, I just want to be sure I can access (not teachers) everything I was doing for 2016-2017 (classess, teachers, students, columns, weightings, etc, etc) if that info is not going to be available I´m not going to do the rollover process yet.
Now, from the other side, I´m showing teachers how to use Gibbon to enter grades, however they believe the process to be creating columns to enter grades for a markbook, weightings, description, type, assessment options is very consuming time, so they just want to see columns to enter grades (lazy people), thats it, if not they are going to reject my gibbon vission, and also I believe directors are going to support their point of view, argumenting that is part of my job, so, what should I do to create columns, weightings in markbooks and in a new academic year, without restring MY access to 2016-2017 academic year?.
By the way 2016-2017 was a kind of trial for me (teachers didnt use it), but 2017-2018 must be ready for teachers, working without problems (oh oh :cry: )

No problem Ross and Sandra, I understand in the login page I can switch academic years, so no problem, and I hope this means I have editing permissions for any academic year.
Thanks a lot

Finally, does it matter if I make the student rollover process for the next academic year (2017-2018) even known that my database has problems?
This was the Ross answer based on the problem when I upgraded to V14, my database before upgrading has problems:

Adolfo, from the error messages it looks like the update instructions have all been run twice, lead to a lot of errors about duplicate inserts and missing elements not being deletable. Did you by any chance double click on the submit button, thus causing all instructions to be run twice? My hope is that you have a backup of your database to restore, and then update again.

You can continue to use the system as it is, but you will find some duplicated information, such as actions and languages. We are going to work to introduce more unique database indexes in v15 in order to overcome this kind of issue (among others).

So I´m not really sure to make the rollover process if my previous database before upgrading is not working good.
And I need urgently to make the 2017-2018 academic year available to add different stuff

Adolfo, no you can do the rollover any time using v13 code and your v13 (pre-upgrade) database. I will then let you know what we discover looking into your upgrade issue. Just make sure you are still using v13 code for now, so that you don’t run into any conflicts (which you would get with v14 and still v13 database). Ross.

I already completed the rollover by using Home > User Admin > Rollover
However, dont know what does this messages in read mean in step 2:

The result was this:

I can see teachers and students, but not sections/classess
Can you help me?

Adolfo, the rollover does not deal with setting up new form/roll groups, courses and courses, merely dealing with leaving, joining and jumping from one year to another. You’ll need to go into Admin > School Admin > Manage Form/Roll Groups and Admin > Timetable Admin > Course Enrolment Rollover in order to take your current form/roll groups and duplicate them into next year.

Those red warnings in Step 3should be orange, and less severe. This is an old issue that I will fix today for v15.


Adolfo, OK the change from errors to warnings has been made, and can be seen in the following commit:

Copy the rollover.php file into your v14 install if you wish, as it is backwards compatible.


Thanks Ross, I found 2 rollover files:

modules/User Admin/rollover.php
modules/Timetable Admin/course_rollover.php

Which of the do I have to downnload?


Thanks again Ross, I read the commit deeply, so I downloaded and updated the rollover.php in modules/User Admin/

Good work, that is the one! You can see from the commit in GitHub which files have changed, so that is always a good way to know where to look. Saves a lot of looking around!

I am using v13.0.02 and PHP 7.0.15, but I had the issue last year with v12. I am just trying out the rollover process and have setup the following year but done nothing else. When I get to step 3 I see this message “The next school year cannot be determined, so this action cannot be performed”. Changing hidden to text shows that value is in the nextYear placeholder. Further investigation shows this line at 706:
echo “”;

When I check POST values in step 3 neither nextYear nor reencol_count are set, however, if I move that line to be above the at 704 the value is passed correctly.
If I comment out the section from at 632 to at 703 the values are passed.
echo “”; seems to be the start of the problem.

I assume no one else has encountered this problem.

@andystat Have you mitigated this issue?


Andy, I am on the road with limited tech for another 8 days, but will reply on return to action. Sorry! Ross.

Andy, it is weird that you are seeing echo “”; on line 706 of /modules/User Admin/rollover.php, as in that file, on that line, I see the following:

echo “”;

Have I misread you message, or does your copy of the PHP source code really say echo “”; on line 706?