Rollover - Only users whose PRIMARY role is Student are rolled out

I did a student rollover, and when I went to check the students in the new year I found out that there were some students missing.
I did check everything as instructed before hitting the “red button”, so I was a bit confused at first.
On further examination, I found out that the students not rolled out were also staff or parents and their primary role was not student, which is correct, as they are first parents or staff, and then students.

Could this be a bug?
I’ll appreciate it if you could check it.

Thank you very much!
Warm regards

Hi Ricardo, it sounds like a bug in the sense that the rollover wasn’t necessarily programmed with your use-case in mind, where students are also parents and staff. For the bulk of Gibbon, I suspect it will behave in a similar manner, since students are the primary type of user in the system. I can take a look at a programming solution (although I can’t guarantee one quickly, my capacity is quite limited at the moment). I wonder if, in the long run, it will cause less issues if users who are students always have student set as their primary role.

Hi Sandra,
I’ll appreciate it.
Meanwhile I’ll keep that in mind for the roles assigned to people.
Thank you!!!