rolling over


  1. Is it possible to undo a rollover - would you just restore database from backup?
  2. Should the user rollover be done first and then the course enrolment rollover - problem is I’ve rolled over users first from user admin and now it has gone into 2017-2018 - I also did not copy over the form groups to the next year
    Now when I want to rollover course enrolment - it wants to roll 2017-2018 over to 2018-2019 (whereas I would like 2016-2017 rolled onto 2017-2018) - Should I log out and log into 2016-2017 year?


Hi athar1,

For 1, yes the best way to undo a rollover would be to restore from backup, the user rollover for example makes several changes across the database to gibbonSchoolYear, gibbonStudentEnrolment, gibbonPerson, and gibbonStaff. Hopefully this is an option for your case!

  1. Looks like Course Enrolment Rollover then User Rollover is the intended direction, so yes logging into the past year is likely your best option for performing the course rollover. Form groups are luckily easier to access, there’s a Previous Year/Next Year selector in the top right of the School Admin > Manage Form Group page.

Hope this helps!