Roll Over

i am not too clear on the “Roll Over”. Is it that I have to recreate the timetable for the 2016-2017 new school year along with the school terms etc. in order to proceed with the roll over?


The rollover (located under Admin > User Admin) performs too functions:

  1. Increments the school year, pushing the school into next year
  2. Allows you to move students up into the next year group, and relevant form/roll group, whilst also marking as left leavers and marking expected users as full.
You can set the next roll/form group by editing the current year's groups, and pointing them into the next year's groups. You can also enrol students into the upcoming year in advance, which will cause the rollover to be pre-set for that student.

For timetable classes, there is a Course Enrolment Rollover under Admin > Timetable Admin, which allows you to move students into classes in the next year.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ross,
Thanks for your response.
In my testing i had only set up 2 different form groups with different timetables within the same school year.
So you are saying to implement “roll over” after creating form groups (along with courses and timetable) within years 1 to year 6 of the current year, you then have to create the same form groups for the next upcoming school years?

That is correct, yes. If you rollover and don’t have your form groups ready, you make a lot of extra work for yourself.

ok I see.
Would creating a timetable be important for the upcoming school year at the point of rollover.

Willpro, no, technically, it would not impact the rollover if you had no timetable…except that immediately after the rollover, anyone who logs in is in the new year…and they may be expecting to see a timetable. But that depends on the timing and circumstances of your school.

OK. Thanks much I now understand.
Keep up the good work.