Roll over

Good Morning:
In the roll over feature the year group rolls over to the new year but all the forms are listed the same. Do you have to change the form for each student or there is a way to get the students rolled to their new form?

marleymusic, there is a solution, and it works in two parts:

  1. When students stay in the same grouping - go to Admin > School Admin in the main menu, and then Manage Form Groups in the module menu. Edit your form groups for the current school year, so that the Next Form Group filed points to the relevant group.
  2. When students change groupings - go to People > Students in the main menu, and then Manage Enrolment in the module menu. Enrol students in the upcoming year, setting the correct form group in advance.

In these ways you can pre-set the form groups, so that when you do the roll over, they are all set for you.