Roll Group

I have 50 teachers inside the gibbon site.

when i try to create roll groups, there are only 4 of them (teachers) can be selected as tutor.

How to solve this?
Any special fields in user?

Hi Bill,

Each teacher in the system needs a User as well as a Staff record, it sounds like so-far you’ve setup the users and may be missing the staff records. As an admin, go to People > Staff and click Manage Staff. From here you can see the staff records that already exist, and click Add to create new ones. For adding all 50 staff records, luckily only the Person and Type fields are required, the rest of the fields can be updated as you have the information available.

Hope this helps!

That means
in user admin page, a user already has been in All roles field: Teacher
Still require to go to People > Staff and click Manage Staff?

Yes, each user who is also a Teacher needs a staff record in the Manage Staff area. This record exists so staff-specific info can be tracked for any staff member in a school (teachers, office staff, etc).

If you’d prefer importing rather than entering each record check out the Data Admin module on the Gibbon Extend page, it let’s you import csv and excel data to help speed up adding multiple records. The import type is called:
“Staff / Faculty - Staff details (for existing users)”, I’ve attached an example spreadsheet.

Hope this helps!