Right to Left Languages on Windows Xampp

   Is anyone is using windows xampp who is using right to left language i.e. Arabic or Urdu. I need direction that how I can use Arabic or Urdu on Xampp. I just used manage languages and then selected arabic or urdu but it is not working . all the strings are still in English except the page is from right to Left.

Please guide me that how I can use locale in xampp.

Hi Ghulam,

I wonder if the issue here may shed some light on your locale problem, it’s for Wamp rather than Xampp, but since they’re both windows based it may be worth looking into: https://ask.gibbonedu.org/discussion/comment/5002/#Comment_5002

I tried alot to fix this issue, when i first installed Gibbon on Xampp i was disappointed i thought it only supports Arabic as showing it, not translated, but then after i read this, i decided to install on my hosting directly and it worked perfect.
so yeah, install the system on your hosting straight away as Xampp is too much of a hustle.
if you manage to find a solution to Xampp though pls post here so other people can benefit from it.

Thanks Aziz for sharing your experience. We haven’t had a lot of luck in the past supporting Xampp systems, although they can be used to run Gibbon, they do tend to involve a lot of hassle getting them setup. An Apache or Nginx server does tend to be the best environment in terms of support and configuration.

My solution for Windows Users: