Right approach for mixed students in signatures

Hello Gibbon developers,
I installed the latest version using softaculus and I was trying to figure it out how to implement it for a mixed group. I have read the documentation, posts, watched the videos but it is not totally clear how to implement it. I could create some students, teachers, signatures, clases, a markbook, using the “admin” but is a little confuse when I see “planner” and “time table”, both under “learning”. Please I hope you can help providing some advice to implementing it in a better way. The scenario and what I have until now is as follows:

  • This will be used it on a little dominical academy on a local church. There is a pool of 10 signatures, but only 5 are open every semester to the students. Every signature has only 1 teacher and 1 specific classroom. The schedule is 1 hour every Sunday, all the 5 courses at the same time. The groups are age mixed.
  • I do not know if it is the best approach (please provide your advice) but I changed as follows: “schoolYear” in two 2023(01-01-2023 to 30-12-2023) and 2024(01-01-2024 to 30-12-2024). “SchoolYearTerm” in 4: 2023 Term 1 (01-01-2023 to 30-06-2023), 2023 Term 2 (01-07-2023 to 30-12-2023), 2024 Term 1 (01-01-2024 to 30-06-2024), and 2024 Term 2 (01-07-2024 to 30-12-2024). “YearGroup” just only one: GeneralAll. “FormGroups”: Course1, Course2 up to Course10. “Department”: manage, learning. Created a “gradeScale” from 1 to 10. In “timetable Admin course_manage” added (this part is a little confusing): Course1Asig with added class named 1, Couser2Asig with added class named 2, up Course10Asig with added class named 3.
  • what should be created in “TimeTableAdmin ttColum” and “TimeTableAdmin tt”
  • “schoolYear” and “SchoolYearTerm”, are necessary?
  • House_ manage can be used instead of space_manage?
  • how can I Remove the student admission (applicationFormSelect) from login screen?
  • How to create a main markbook or copy to all signatures all at once?
  • Does every class must be recorded under every signature (Monday class, Wednesday class, Friday class)? I mean for example students from Em7.1 assist to chemistry 3 times a week x 5 months = 60 classes so 60 records ?
  • Softaculus installed an almost empty system, please can you provide just the data example or a backup or file exported to check your working complete gibbon to understand better how is the relationship between the elements

Best regards
Thank you a lot in advance for all your help