retrieve past years data

Good morning,
I am an enthusiastic user of Gibbon and would like to get helped about how to handle the data for the past years.

I wish to be able de get the list of students or staff for instance in 2018. if you use option in login in a past year, the left students are not there. Even if I wish to track the student enrolment trend, I am not getting very consistent information, I get an excessive number of students for the past.

Maybe I did something wrong or I have not understood something ?

Hi Pchamproux,

This sounds quite familiar to me. If I remember correctly it’s because many queries depend on the status of a student, which results in wrong historic data.

One solution is to do a query using the Query Builder and to ensure the status is not used and to filter using a date interval instead. :wink:

Kind regards,

Thank you for the advice. I will try it.

Best regards.