Restricting access to Free Learning units

Hi Gibbon!

We have create a number of Free Learning units and also linked them, so there are low, medium and high level units.
Pre-requisites have been entered as well, so in order to complete unit C, you should have completed unit A and B.
However, the situation as shown on the image occurs. You will see that a student was able to enrol AND submit evidence for the unit “Different models in Hong Kong” without having completed the lower level units.

Any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Elke, the only time I’ve ever seen this is when the map has been changed, and the person did have access to the unit, but then its prerequisites were moved such that they should not have had access. Does this sound like it might have happened as you built up your map? Thanks!

Hi again,
This is not the case, so a bit of a mystery…

Hi Elke,

Now that is odd. Please can you give me access (via to a testing student account, and I will take a look.



Mystery solved! See screenshot attached → uncheck the box of “Browse all units” - Free Learning for students.