Responsive design in Gibbon 17

Hi folks,

I was able to have a closer look at Gibbon v17 this morning.

I was particularly interested in the new responsive design. Anyway, I couldn’t make this work.

Do I need to install a special responsive design template? How can I activate it?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

Sorry to have caused confusion, but it is our new website that is mobile responsive, not Gibbon. We are working hard to make mobile responsive Gibbon a reality in v18…but not promises as of yet.



Hi Ross and Sandra,

I had a look at the code of v17 and it’s rather amazing.

All those hard coded design codes we currently have in Gibbon v12 are just gone in v17 and the twig template engine is amazing as well. It seems to me that responsive design is just around the corner.

That’s so great!

Kind regards,

Thanks Roman! Refactoring is one of those fun things where if you do your job well, no one notices any change at all :smiley: The pieces are certainly coming together, I’m looking forward to where we can go from here too!