Hi again Ross. our installation was a demo, so we found some things no useful for us like the resources, we need to delete all of them, how can I do that? There is no any option to delete them when I go to >Learn >Resources

Oflodac, if you want to disable the resources module, you can do that in Admin > User Admin and then Manage Persmissions. If you simply want to delete the demo resources, just go into your database with a database management tool (phpmyadmin for example) and run this SQL:

TRUNCATE gibbonResource;
TRUNCATE gibbonResourceTag;

Thanks Ross, firstly, where is located the database?, what folder or what filename is?. I would like to remind you that our gibbon system is not installed in a physical server, we have it in web hosting service so I cannot use a database management tool.

Oflodac, your hosting service should provide you with the means to access the database. Do they offer you CPanel, to control settings? Look for phpmyadmin in there. Otherwise, ask their support team how you access. Good luck!

Success, I went to MySQL, then I opened the Access phpMyAdmin icon, I selected the GibbonResource item on the left and I clicked on Truncate (Vaciar in spanish), the same for the GibbonResourceTag item. thanks.