Reset Passwords

As the administrator, is there a way to reset passwords for specific users?, seems to be the only way to do this is by the interested user, I mean if the user cannot enter his password the user can click in the “Forgot Password” link in red, and one message appears asking for his user or email account to reset the password but sometimes final users dont have email accounts, or the email account has not been specified in the system. So final users are going to be looking for me and I cannot say something like “ummm sorry the system doesn´t permit resetting passwords”, just imagine his/her face >:) >:) . My point is to reset “temporal” passwords and once the user enters the system, a new password is going to be required !!

Adolfo, yes Gibbon supports this. Go to Admin > User Admin and find the user you want in Manage Users. Then click on the padlock image to reset password. You can specify a new password, and also whether or not they need to reset their password on login. Ross.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thanks, I was looking for this feature in Home > User Admin > Manage Users > Edit User
Thanks again.

Adolfo, no problem : ) We separated password change out from edit, as often you want to edit some aspect of the user without changing the password, or vice versa. Ross.