Request for Help: Removing Decimals for Japanese Yen ¥

Is there a simple way to remove the decimal places ( ¥1,234.00 to ¥1,234) in the finance/billing in Gibbon?

The decimal places are generally not used in Yen (it would be equivalent to doing USD like $1.2300), so as not to confuse any staff or students, I was hoping there is a way to modify this in our setup.

Hi Jeremy, unfortunately I’ve taken a look at the code and I don’t see a simple way to replace all instances where currency is displayed :disappointed: There is a method on line 325 of src/Services/Format.php called currency, which you could change the number_format($value, 2) to <code class="CodeInline">number_format($value, 0), this will affect some areas of the system but not all of them, but might help.

Hi Sandra,
I’ve made the change you mentioned and will see what areas of the system are unaffected. For now it seems to display how I was hoping for in the finance section (staff and family facing). Thank you!