Reports not working after assigning it to teachers


I recently started exploring the Reporting functionality in Gibbons and am facing certain issues.
I followed this procedure to create and assign a report:

created reporting cycle → reporting scope → reporting criteria → assigned access to concerned teacher

It works fine while doing all this but, when I try to log in as the concerned teacher to start reporting, I get an error.

Am I missing anything?

Steps look good, just check the PHP error logs (/var/log/php/) or share

Hi @Keziah, thanks for your post and welcome to the Gibbon community.

That error is surprising, as we’re using reports successfully in many different schools. Are you able to, as Kelvin suggests, check your PHP error logs after seeing that error, and share what you find. If there’s a bug in that page I’d be keen to fix it. Thanks!

Hi Sandra,

Thanks to Kevin, I looked into the php logs and it pointed me towards an error in the src/Services/Format.php file.

Uncaught Exception: ArgumentCountError - DateTime::format() expects exactly 1 argument, 2

For this error, I came across your bug fix in this github commit.

So now the Reports functionality has been up and working. Thanks.

Thanks for the update, great to hear it’s working now. Yes, an unfortunate bug in a fallback function that was designed to prevent bugs :grimacing: This fix will be part of v26, which will be released Nov 20, 2023.