Reports module is erasing comments


I’m not sure if there’s an intended workflow that I’m missing, but when I follow this process:

Teachers enter comments and grades
I try to proofread them and save changes

Then I’m presented with a list of comments with the options of Looks Good! or Edit. If I select Edit then the system behaves as expected and allows me to edit the content. Then it will show me the changes (with the html diff) and when I select Looks Good! then the comment will show as “Done!”. All as expected, except when you click Done! it changes the status of the record in the database but does not actually update the comment from the edited comment (resulting in no changes).

I checked through the code and I believe I can see why it’s happening. Once you click Looks Good! it removes the comment textarea so there is nothing to POST back to the reporting_proofreadProcess.php. For the Accept / Reject buttons there is a bit of code that pulls the proofed comment back in, but in the “Edited” and “Done” statuses it does not do this and because nothing was passed it ends up updating the status without using the edited comment.

However, if you click the “Override” checkbox then instead of Looks Good! and Edit you can save edits and proofing does work.

Is there a different process that we should be following, or a configuration option, or is this just a bug?

Thank you,


I just upgraded to the newest version (22) and I can confirm the same behaviour as in 21.