Reports Module: General class report

Hello team
Reports module is very flexible and wide, we were trying to create a monthly class report which usually captures how things are faring in the class [Data type: text based criteria].
in reports settings we set write report per group [per form group for each form group teacher to write]

Problem: during generating the scope goes to per student
expected: to generate class based

is this something doable? like generating school reports [written] not scoped to student but class and generate per class


Hi Kelvin, as flexible as the reports module is, it is still designed around the idea of generating reports for students. The report itself could be generated with content that pertains to a class, but it would still create a copy for each student. Is the content meant only for teachers and not for students? Otherwise, it may still work, even if each student receives a copy of the report that pertains to their form group.

Hello @sandra sandra, the current report is supposed to be for the staff, the only issue while generating was that it generated for all the students and downloading for external use means losts of copies for the same form group with the same thing.
[report not ment for students]

Is there a workaround that could allow this kind of report as it would be good for historical reports in one place.

Thanks again.

Hi Kelvin, right now the reports do need to be attached to a student, and changing this would be a non-trivial core change that I unfortunately don’t have the capacity to offer to help with.

A possible workaround would be to create one fake student in your system, and then use that student to generate the reports for. Rather than doing bulk report generation for that one report, you could go in and generate it for just the one student. I haven’t tried this myself, but it seems plausible, and could be used to hold all the historical reports for this purpose.

sure I understand, I will try this method for now, as I am learning in the system if I get a better solution I will share here as well.