Reports - Manage Criteria Types add new types (link)

Good morning Gibbon group
I am setup school report, one request is let teacher post google drive folder link,after test, the link just become the text words, can we add new type let the link can be click or i can add new code in criteriaTypes_manage_add.php.
Thanks again.

Hi Kevin, if you collect the link as plain text, you could use the templates to turn it into a link using the HTML a tag, here’s some info for the syntax of the tag:

In your template, you could put the value of the criteria as the href attribute, to create a clickable link.

Thank you Sandra, i will try my best.

Good morning @ross , sorry asking again,I think I didn’t describe the problem very clearly.
this is my question, when i setup the “Criteria Types”
can we add new type “Link”, because it will be easier when other teacher check the information.
thank you again for reading my question.

Hi Kevin,

I see what you mean now. I’ll add it to the list for v25, the next version we’ll work on after v24 releases. We’re at the end of our development cycle and are only testing, not adding features, at this point, before the June 20th release.


Thank you so much~ you are the best!!