hello. is there a way there can be a master report viewable by the school management only of the total fees paid, remaining, not paid, refunded, within a given term or year. the books issues, returned not returned, damaged or lost within the term or year. the exams score of each class and student with the time. it would be excellent if it can be presented in a pie chart or graph.
kindly advice

Hi viny254, because the types of reports that each school wants are different than other schools, Gibbon can never quite cover every use case in terms of reports. There are some built-in reports to cover the most common uses, and beyond that it is likely best to take a look at the Query Builder module and possibly setting up some custom queries to generate the types of data that your school needs. Many different spreadsheet programs will enable you to create graphs and charts, so once you have a query, you can export the data and generate whatever you need for visuals. With so many different types of schools out there and many different types of needs, there’s no way that Gibbon can have every type of report a school might need built-in. Hope this helps!

Hello Sandra, Please I will love to know how the Query Builder works. i have I spreadsheet reporting template, how can export that. Please a non-programmer step-by-step guide. Thanks

Hi maval06, the Query Builder enables a user to run SQL queries on the database to extract data from different areas of the system. You can use queries to view data as well as export spreadsheet data. Writing queries does take some knowledge of SQL and the database (there is a helpful tool to view the available fields and tables).

By default the Query Builder doesn’t include any queries. However, Gibbon Education Limited provides, via a Value Added License, access to an existing library of over 90 useful queries. You can learn more at: These can often be a good starting point for someone just learning SQL, to use and modify for a school’s needs.