Reporting Module Not Reliable

The reporting module that was submitted as a free extension cannot be used to create any report. I understand that the developer charges some fee for a better module, but the current one shouldn’t have been put there. It is better to provide 30 days or 60 days free trial of a fully functional and reliable module than a free and open source module that can do nothing. They claim it can create PDF of reports. This is not so. It will only create a blank sheet with nothing inside it. The version 1.06 is even worse than older versions, it does not generate any file at all. Worse still, you cannot view the reports in HTML mode. What then is it useful for? Perhaps, it can best be described as an incomplete code library that needs to be re-worked and perfected.

I used it today, and my time was grossly wasted. I felt like I was tricked.

I will suggest that you remove this module from the extension page so that other people will not download and use it to their disappointment.


Thanks for your feedback. I have a long and positive
working relationship with Rapid36, and really can’t believe there was
any trickery involved. Most likely there is a bug due to a different
version of Gibbon being used, or some other innocent factor. Rapid36
have been kind to open source this software, and do wish to support the
Gibbon community.

I will contact them now, and see what they can
do to resolve this situation, but do keep in mind they are giving code
(their biggest revenue stream) away for free here.



Thank you for the explanation. I really appreciate it. Cheers!

Daniel, I have had a chat with Andy at Rapid36, and he has kindly produced a fix in v1.07, which is now available on the Extend page of our website. You should be able to download, uncompress and then upload to your server. Then go to Admin > System Admin in the main menu of Gibbon, and then Manage Modules in the module menu, and find the module in the listing. Click on the update icon and follow the instructions to make sure the database is up to date.

Please do keep in mind that we are a small community, trying to do big things. In Rapid36’s case, they have gone out of their way to support Gibbon, and we really do need to be respectful of that. It is easy to lose good people from a community, and I would hate to see that happen due to unfriendly comment postings.

Hopefully this is a place where we can all get along, help each other, and make education better.

Ok. Thank you. I will try the new version that you suggested.