Reporting module Error 500

I am exploring using Gibbon v12 for our school, and transcript creation is mission-critical. I installed the Reporting module (v1.18) and designed a grade report. When I click Make PDF I get an Error 500 from my server. I checked to make sure that permissions were 755 for the module. Here is the text the server gives me:

Invalid command ‘Header’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
Error 500: Script Execution Failure

Any ideas?

Hi dcowens76. Based on your error message it sounds like your server might be missing the Header module. On a system running Ubuntu it can be enabled with the command a2enmod headers and then <code class="CodeInline">sudo service apache2 restart
(this command may vary depending on your setup). If you’ve done this and still get a 500 message also check your PHP memory limit, which is another common cause of this error.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, skuipers, for that. I will work on that.

I moved my installation to a different server, but now I get a different result when trying to generate a report:

Cannot open file: …/…/archive/index.html

One challenge is I am trying to migrate data from a previous year, but as far as I can tell there is no way to edit the markbook for previous years. Maybe I am missing something about importing data.


When you moved to a different server did you update the database entries in gibbonSetting with the names absoluteURL and absolutePath? Not always required, depending on whether you changed your URL or web root location.

In terms of using the Markbook in different years, simply log out of Gibbon, and then use the Options link in the login screen to change the year. Some parts of Gibbon (mostly on the admin side) let you operate in different years without logging out. But, for some functionality, in order to keep the interface simpler, you need to log out.

Hope this helps.


Actually, I had started fresh with a new installation and new database. I had learned so much about the Data Admin module and had my set of CSV files already, so I just started fresh. I am not sure where that leaves me on the PDF side.

But thanks for clarifying about logging in for different years. That is very helpful. The more I poke around, the more I like this system.


Glad to hear you are coming to grips with Gibbon, and liking it!

I am tagging Andy Statham @andystat in this thread: as the author of the Reporting module, he may have some input for you on the error you are experiencing.


Thanks. I am in contact with him. I wonder if it is a server issue (meaning the way I set it up). When I work it out, I can post the solution.