Report to pdf "Fixed font size"

Hello Gibbon group
One question about report, when i setup the report cycle (cycle number 1 total cycle 1)and template,(Report - Courses by Cycle)
system can create the beautiful pdf file, like image A

Image A

But when i change the total cycle to 3 or 6 the pdf font will become very small like image B

Image B

If i want keep the total cycle setting, and comment stay in the large size,how can i do.

Thank for help.


Hi Kevin,

It looks like the PDF renderer is scaling the whole table in order to fit the number of total cycles. You could try preventing the autosizing, I haven’t tried this personally, but it looks like it’s an option if you’re using the mPDF renderer. To do this, edit the Reports - Courses by Cycle template (duplicate if you need an editable copy), then see if you can add the autosize=“1”` attribute to the table tag on line 18. Then save and generate a new report and see if this helps. More info here:

Hello @ross ,
It nice to see your message, hope you have a nice summer holiday.

I add on line 18 , also try to add this in the other’s table tag,but it looks the same.
and i go to
find other answer,but i am not sure,this is i am looking for.



Hello @ross ,is me again, Is passible to sliced the form?

Like image ,the form cut to independent A part and B part
If i do it,even i change the total cycle time to 6 , the B part font size will stay the same?

Hi Kevin, can you share the complete template code and I can take a look? It might take some different tweaks in the conditionals and variables that are looping to create the tables. You may need to zip it to attach the yml file here. Thanks!

Hello Sandra, i think i get the way to fix this probram,
i copy the same template, Reports - Courses by Cycle template,and trying to separate it become two part, and now i can set up the total report cycle to 6,it looks good now, but i am not sure the structure is currect or not.i will put the file here,if you have time maybe can help me check it. thank you so much.