Report preview error

hello Gibbon group,
I change the templates files, also add new value “surName” in student.php
( /modules/Reports/scr/sourcse/student.php)like image A

Image A

I preview others templates, it show fail message
Uncaught Exception: InvalidArgumentException - Unknown formatter “surName” in /home/xapwodeh/public_html/gibbon/vendor/fzaninotto/faker/src/Faker/Generator.php on line 249

how can i fix this part.

Hi Kevin, in English, surname is a single word, and so no need to capitalise the N…just spell it as “surname”. This is different to “firstName”, which is two separate words. English is a crazy language! Ross.

Hello Ross,
About our Service Agreement, i will try my best. because my team leader is go back to Taiwan until this weekend,i still focus on it. please wait my good news. :slight_smile: