Report Grade Scale

Hello Ross,

We are going to use Gibbon for our Term 1 report and we would like to try first how to use the basic version ( haven’t contacting Andy yet). Just wondering if you could help us out with this first.
We have variation in adding grade for students for different purposes. I have added 2 new grade scales for term 1 progress report ( EE, ME, AE and BE) and second is for IB Diploma Core - TOK, CAS and EE ( Excellent, On-Track and so on…).
My progress report scale (EE, ME, AE and BE ) appearing in student’s report-subject but not the IB Core ( check on the screen shot attached) do you know where to go to make the IB Core grade appear in drop down menu? For term 1 we don’t use MYP Subject grade as it is only a progress report, we use this grade in term 2 and 4.

Thank you very much for your help.

Ayu, it is unusual to see two different grading scales (e.g. 7-1 and EE-BE) in one scale in Gibbon. I guess you can do it, I just never thought about it before!

In terms of where you select the scales to use in reports, I think Andy would be the one to ask, as I am not sure how his module works (we use a customised version at ICHK).

Good luck, and let us know what you learn.