Report card Attendance

Im running a report cards for term one, but when i generate the reports cards the attendance is saying End of Term 3 Attendance
Can someone help me with this?

Hi any help with this?

Can you share a screenshot to help illustrate what you’re seeing?

I’ve checked the code in the template and everything looks good. Can you Edit Reporting Cycle and check your cycle numbers to ensure there isn’t a clash. For example, if your year has three terms, the Cycle Number for each should be unique, and the Total Cycles would be 3.

Hi still not changing

This is odd. Can you share a screenshot of the reporting cycles you have setup in Manage Reporting Cycles? This sounds like a tricky one to diagnose, feel free to share as much information as you can (that’s not sensitive in nature).

i had them as 1,2,3 before

Hi Sandra, any more info on this?

[reportingCycle] => Array
[name] => End of Term 1
[nameShort] => EOT
[sequenceNumber] => 1
[cycleNumber] => 1
[cycleTotal] => 3
[dateStart] => 2021-09-06
[dateEnd] => 2021-12-31
[notes] =>
[cycles] => Array
[1] => End of Term 3
[2] => End of Term 2
[3] => End of Term 3

Can you double-check that End of Term 3 does not have Cycle Number set to 1? it looks like it is being pulled in for the 1 spot in the cycle list, which is very odd.

Hi, I have 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3

Hi rprice1978, I’ve just resolved and issue with the attendance in the reports and it reminded me of the issue you had encountered. I wonder if it’s related. Here is the fix, which is now in v24 and you might be able to try on your system by adding the same line of code: