Report Card - Attendance Present field

I edited the Attendance asset to also include the present days for the reporting cycle. In the preview, I can see the present field, but in the generated report it always defaults back to 0, and I can’t see the present field in the inspector view either. Is there a setting that could be wrong? The present values in the Attendance Summary page are correctly displayed for students.

Hi thajni, thanks for your question, my apologies for the delay in response. I took a look at the code and while the present value was in the template schema, it wasn’t actually available as a calculated value in the live data. I’ve added it to v25 which is releasing Jan 20, 2023. The code changes can be found here, including a new toggle in the template settings to enable displaying present counts.

HI @thajni , can you please share with me your report template, i need to have in my report the present day, and the actual school days the student had with us, as we are a community school and students tend to opt in and our in irregular times.

any help on how to achieve it will be appreciated, i don’t have the coding ability to change on my own.

I have been able to create a new Attendance asset in the report template builder, then edit the code, to add Y instead of N, now Present shows up.
i am writing this incase any one comes after me

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