Removing Timetable Exceptions

Our staff timetables do not appear in the calendar because exceptions were applied to teachers on import. We need to know how to delete the contents of the Timetable Exceptions Table

Thanks from LTPSS


As you only have one timetable (I believe) and this is your first year using Gibobn, you can just dump everything from the exceptions table, using this query:

DELETE FROM gibbonTTDayRowClassException ;

If you had multiple timetables, or historical data, this would be a bad move.

Just a reminder, exceptions are the mechanism from taking a teacher or student our of a single period of a class’s timetabled periods. It is used mostly when teachers share teaching duties for a class.

Hope this helps.


Thanks - we’ll give this a go.

Problem may have been caused by the structure of the import file


I suspect so, yes. Do you think you know what the exact problem is? If so, sharing it here might help others in the future. If not, I can try and identify it.